Back to School

Monday was Quinn\’s first day back to school for another year of Pre-K at Sundance.    This year he will stay for a full day (9am – 3pm) so he will take a backpack with his lunch box.

Although all his backpack contained was his lunchbox, he thought it was pretty heavy and kept falling over.  One day he is going to be the best at drawing fouls in basketball because he can really fake a fall.

Off to school we went.  Once we got there, Ms. Kate helped him find his cubby and get his lunchbox and backpack situated.  Hugs and goodbye.  I was the only one who seemed a little sad.

Instead of a letter of the week, they are now learning a word of the week.  I think it\’s kinda funny that this is the word they chose but I get it.    Probably alot of mandatory stuff going on at school this week.

I was eager to see what was left in his lunchbox.  I sent him to school with a PB&J cut in to two train shapes, a cereal bar, some apples, and graham cracker bunnies.  He did pretty good!

I like to get him a little toy and a treat for his first day of school.  He had been asking and asking for a dino-car for weeks and today it was at home waiting for him.

It made me happy that he went to school happy and came home happy.  I asked if he slept during rest time and he said no.  I believe it because he was zonked out at 8:30 pm and slept until 9 am the next morning (actually I woke him at 9).

I\’m looking forward to another great year.

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