The Bug Museum

On Saturday we had a very buggy experience at Insectopolis.  Who knew a bug museum could be so much fun.  I wish my father could have been there to share the experience with us and see how much his littlest grandson just loved everything bugs.

Interesting that this place is owned and run by a extermination company.  Curious.

The museum was just the right size and we were able to make it in and out of there in about an hour.   Long enough to make it worth our while but short enough that Quinn was enthusiastic the whole time.  There was a big selection of both live and dead insects.   Lots of live tarantulas and cockroaches.

I\’m still rocking my telephoto/macro lens and captured these macros.  Quinn knew the bugs were dead if they had a nail in them 🙂

There were two live bee hives set up with clear tubes connecting them to each other and also to a source of sugar.    We also noticed a tube that looked like it went outside.  On our way out we went around the back of the building and sure enough there were 3 tubes with lots of bees buzzing around.

Once an hour the museum entomologist pulls out some live creatures to learn about and touch.   Todays selection included a hissing cockroach, a scorpion, a millipede, and a tarantula.  Our young entomologist host reminded us that these were all his pets and none of these could hurt us in any way.  Honestly, I had no desire to touch these things but felt that I needed to put on my brave face so that Quinn wouldn\’t be fearful.  Although it took some coaxing, Quinn put at least a finger on all these creatures.  Sorry I don\’t have pictures but it was one of those experiences that I chose to participate in instead of photograph.

It was really nice to see Quinn\’s enthusiasm for the insects and really enjoy the museum.  He always talks about how we are nice to bugs and that bugs like him.  Our little entomologist.  

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