Winter Jazz Concert

I’m taking a break on December Daily to post about the Winter Jazz Concert. Westlake High School has 2 levels of Jazz classes — “Studio Jazz” which is seasoned jazz students that audition to get placed and “Lab Jazz” that anyone can join. Studio Jazz is a class that takes place during the school day and Lab Jazz takes place after school AFTER the Marching Band season ends.

Quinn had no intention of joining Lab Jazz and we fully supported this decision. On the first day of Lab Jazz, his low brass section leader told him he had to go to Lab Jazz after school. He texted me and I texted him back to say “See how you like it, but no one can force you to join”.

Quinn came out of the first Lab Jazz with the biggest smile on his face and a trombone in his hands. We weren’t so sure at first, but Lab Jazz meets after school for an hour 3 times per week, so it wasn’t too bad. Quinn continues to love Lab Jazz and we fully support him.

Last night Lab Jazz had their first performance as an opening act for Studio Jazz. Studio Jazz was invited to perform at the Mid West Clinic in Chicago, which is a really big deal.

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