Westlake Marching Band

All new members of the Westlake Marching Band and Color Guard have the fun of attending Band Camp for 2 weeks before school starts. They practice Tues – Friday from 1 – 8:30 pm and Saturday from 8 am – noon. It’s hot out and they are just exhausted. Quinn came home most days with aching legs and feet but never complained about having to attend camp. So proud of him!

On Friday they were fitted for their uniforms. The pants are like a bib with suspenders and the jacket zips in the back. The cool sousaphone players get to wear a beret instead of a shako, which is the tall hat with the feather on top.

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Summer Fun Stuff

This train table served us well for many, many years. Quinn used to play at it endlessly and it was a magnet for all his little friends. When he outgrew the train part, we added a custom lego top — that he rarely used. Then it became the coffee table. And Sonic’s chew toy when he was a puppy. It was gifted to us by Joanne before Quinn was born and we have passed it on to a family that will mainly use the lego table. Bittersweet.

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