Around the House: February Edition

I was saying goodnight to Quinn and I found him in bed with his Dad’s tactical walking stick. It screws together to make a long pole that you can take hiking, camping, etc. We keep it in our bedroom just in case someone breaks into the house. Quinn basically said that he wanted a “weapon” in his room because wouldn’t it be better to have 2 defenders instead of just 1. I agreed but suggested he pick a different weapon…which he got for Valentine’s Day. Click to the 2nd picture to see what weapon he chose.

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Around the House: January Edition

I haven’t posted much in a while so here’s a summary of January.

This was a very good day for Quinn. He got to climb on the roof with Don to take down Christmas lights, he got to drive for the first time by pulling the car out and back into the garage, and this was also the day he learned he made the Ventura County Honor Band.

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