Ventura County Honor Band (VCHB)

All students in band are encouraged to audition for the VCHB just for the experience. We encouraged Quinn to audition but as a freshman his chances of getting in were not great. It helps that he has a weekly tutor (Mr. Freed) that is familiar with the music and happens to be a VCHB audition judge. When Quinn has an immediate goal, he is more likely to practice and work towards that goal — I think we all know that feeling.

Auditions were held on January 4 which was only the 2nd day back to school after Winter Break. Mr. Freed encourages Quinn to arrive an hour early so he can practice in a relaxed state. One of Quinn’s freshman friends, Matthew, who plays the baritone sax was also there at the same time. Mr. Freed also encourages Quinn to wear something a little bit nicer than school wear to make a good 1st impression.

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