WHS Tragedy

There was a tragic incident at Quinn’s high school where a man with mental health issues intentionally ran over a group of students just as school was letting out, killing one student and injuring 4 others. Quinn and I drove by it minutes after it happened and based on the location and timing, I knew it was bad but had no idea that it was intentional. Here is the news story.


Our community was in shock. The driver was a graduate of the high school and earlier that day he had stabbed someone at WalMart and had an altercation with his parents, who alerted the police. When he was pulled from the car, he was attempting to get his gun.

Quinn went to school the next day but called me to get him around 11 am. He was really feeling his mortality. The kids were really shaken up by the fact that the driver was found with a gun and realized that their school may have been the next mass murder. It makes me so sad and so furious. Our kids should not have to worry about getting murdered in school.

This was the scene when I picked Quinn up. No less than 10 news trucks.

At the entrance to the school, the students cross a bridge to get to the campus and it’s affectionally known as The Bridge.

The school has handled it well and provided alot of ways for the kids to get support. The best was the therapy dogs.

And the therapy horse.

And the healing garden that was created on Earth Day.

A GoFundMe was immediately set up for Wesley Wellings family and has raised over $250,000. One of the kids hurt was a name that I had not heard in about 7-8 years. His name is Blase and he was on Quinn’s first t-ball team when Quinn was in 1st grade. He invited the whole team to his birthday party. There is a GoFundMe for Blase too.

School is back to “normal” and the world has moved on but we are forever changed by what happened and what we lost.

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