Around Here, January Edition

I’ve been showing Barb some of our local hiking spots and we returned to Hill Canyon. It’s a nice, flat 2 mile out and back hike with a lovely stream and big, beautiful oak trees.

Don and I hiked on a rainy Sunday afternoon at Satwiwa National Park. We got pretty soaked and a little lost but it was all worth it. We don’t experience many waterfalls in the desert that we call Southern California, but we’ve had quite a bit of rain lately so some of the waterfalls are flowing. And the hills are so green and lovely right now.

Sunset over our neighborhood.

We drove down to Venice to have lunch at an Italian restaurant that is run by a Top Chef. It didn’t disappoint and the outdoor area was quite lovely. Don giving me some lip.

A quick walk over the hills behind our house and you have an impressive view over Simi Valley.

We’ve never allowed our dogs on the furniture but Sonic just helped himself to this spot on the couch. Quinn made the comment that if we’re not going to use the couch (we don’t) then we should let Sonic use it. Twist my arm kid.

Another week, another hike with Barb and Sonic. This one at Wildwood Park.

Quinn had his first practice with the Ventura County Honor Band (VCHB) at a middle school in Ventura. He had to take a home Covid test before going. And I got one blurry pic of him on his way.

This is the book Quinn picked out for himself at The Last Bookshop in LA.

Over the weekend we went hiking with the Conrath’s in Ventura in a new-to-us spot called Harmon Canyon. It was quite lovely although the trail was blocked off about 1.5 miles in. We took a nice detour on the way back.

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