Around Here in November

Quinn is starting to accumulate hats with each trip to the mall with friends.

Quinn is crushing it in Honors Algebra this year. We always told him he was good at math and now he’s really feeling it.

He has these grid sticky notes for drawing graphs in math but they are frequently used for something else.

Gruyere and Pear still life.

Mae’s condo is across the street from Quinn’s middle school and once a week he walks over there after school. On this day they visited Larry the llama and gave him a treat. Mae gave him that shirt for his birthday so now Quinn calls it Grandma’s Shirt.

We are coming to an end with all of the structural issues at our new rental condo. This is before the repair.

Balcony rebuild. Outside and In. This also requires me to spend alot of time in the city permit office. Fortunately they are very nice and the permits were a breeze.

Don recently got promoted and moved into a new office with a view.

Sit and he will come.

Lovely sunset view over our neighborhood.

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