Around Here October

A typical morning scene.

Now that it’s getting cooler, Sonic and I are getting out more. And we can go on the trails because it’s not so snake-y.

At the orthodontist getting his upper retainer.

Quinn has an hour tuba lesson at Thousand Oaks High School so I made the most of it with a hike up Tarantula Hill during sunset. I didn’t see a tarantula but I did see a pretty big spider.

Another morning, another Sonic pillow.

On my morning walk with Sonic I saw this hummingbird in a neighbors butterfly bush.

Sonic likes to follow me around the house, especially if there seems to be a walk in his future. But he will hedge his bets by sitting on the stairs so he can easily access upstairs and downstairs, depending on where I go.

A short video of Sonic getting a Halloween scare.

Fun with friends.

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