14th Birthday: Part 2

Quinn’s birthday fell on Saturday this year so we took Quinn and his best buddies out to celebrate. This year Quinn wanted to do a Men in Black Virtual Reality experience

It was the 4 teens and 2 dads. Getting geared up and ready to go into the room. They had a blast.

The teens.

It was about an hour drive each way and they chatted and laughed the whole way there. They thought this meme was outrageously funny and took turns trying to read it without laughing…they couldn’t.

We had lunch and headed home for cake. I purchased this “famous” birthday cake from Milkbar in NYC and it arrived in perfect condition and it was delicious.

Quinn did not give us one single gift idea for his birthday but money is always a good gift. But I had to give it to him in a creative way.

When I gave the gift to Quinn, I asked the boys what they thought was inside. They said boxes in boxes in boxes. They were right but didn’t know it yet. Although they guessed that there was a singular item, like one cashew, in the final box. So much fun!

Happy Birthday to the best kid ever with great friends. We love you Quinn!

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