Braces No More

Quinn has had braces for almost 4 years. We were originally told it would be 2 – 3 years but Quinn was not diligent in wearing the headgear or rubber bands so the extended time was a bit self-inflicted.

Don and I talked about it and we agreed it was enough. So on his last visit I told the orthodontist that we were done. Although not quite as perfect as the ortho would have liked, they were close enough.

Here is is the day he got his braces back in 4th grade.

The much hated head gear that he had to wear at night for a year or more.

It’s difficult getting after school appointments with the orthodontist unless scheduled months in advance, so I pulled Quinn out of school in the morning so that we could get these things out before his birthday.

He’s so happy to have them out. He has permanent retainers that are attached in the back on both upper and bottom teeth and he will wear a plastic retainer at night. And he is still working on the open mouth smile after years of doing the closed lip smile.

Such a handsome dude!

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