Quinn and I spent 5 days in Mendocino last week. It’s about an 8-9 hour drive from our house. Once you get off the main highway and start making your way to the coast you pass through this majestic redwood forest. I have to stop, take a picture, and smell the forest-y smells.

Quinn slept a good 4 hours on the way there.

We were staying in the cute little village of Mendocino. We were meeting Quinn’s friend Elias and his family and booked a place within walking distance of their rental.

I got Quinn settled in the room and went for a walk.

We were within easy walking distance of the Mendocino Headlands which is a path on the cliffs above the ocean.

This guy was pretty loud!

On Tuesday we went to the Botanical Gardens . These two teens don’t love their photos taken.

There were miles of paths within the gardens and it was so very lovely.

There was a beautiful dahlia garden. My father grew lots of dahlias in his garden so I have a special affinity towards dahlias.

The path leads to the ocean. It might have been a little windy, but quite beautiful!

Later that day, Davi and I went down to Big River which is a spot where the river meets the ocean.

Davi getting the shot upriver.

The beach at Big River as the sun was going down.

This is the view from our friends rental house with a rising moon.

We only had one sunset during our trip. The clouds or fog rolled in the other evening. So it was nice to catch this sunset.

On Wednesday we visited Mackerricher Park. There is a boardwalk along the ocean and some really vibrant tide pools.

We saw lots of crabs, hermit crabs, snails, and this starfish.

This guy was having a load of fun!

Steve taking a picture of the boys. What a beautiful spot!

That evening I went to catch the sunset but the clouds had rolled in. Still just breathtaking.

We stayed in the “Barn Room” of an old hotel. It was a great sized room. But this door really bothered Quinn and it kept him awake at night. He wasn’t sure where this door led and who might come through it.

Another view of the room from the bed. The big barn doors in the left are the entrance to the room.

On Thursday, Quinn and I walked along the Fern Canyon Trail and it was so green and lush. It was a nice flat trail that ran along a little river. Southern California is so dry, hot and brown right now so this was so inviting for us. We loved this trail.

Thursday afternoon we met up with Elias and family at Jughandle Beach. These boys are two peas in a pod.

Hanging out with Steve on the beach.

Steve brought a football to throw around with the boys. But of course they couldn’t throw it around in a normal way. They used a bucket and a shovel.

And that’s a wrap! We enjoyed spending the week with our friends in such a low-key place where the temperature was cool and the skies were cloudy. Quinn told me that he really liked Mendocino.

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