May Around Here

We had a Turkey Vulture visit our neighbor’s fence. I took the first picture with my cell phone and you can get a sense of its size. Then I pulled out my zoom lens for the 2nd picture. What a face!

We repainted Quinn’s bathroom and I thought it was time to pull down the “Playroom Rules” sign. I saw these on-line and thought they would be bright and whimsical in the bathroom. They are postcards that I put in Target frames.

My friend Amy and I were ready to get our families out of the house so we planned a hike at our local Sapwi park. It also houses a disc (Frisbee) golf course. Don and Quinn putted around while we waited for our friends.

We only went about 1.5 miles but based on the complaining you would have thought it was 10 miles. They were so borrrrrrrred.

We had dinner at a local brewery so the kids could chat and spend time together. Ha! Regardless a nice afternoon/evening out with friends.

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