La Jolla Spring Break

We decided to repeat last years Spring Break since it was so much fun and within easy driving distance. I found a condo on the same street we stayed last time but it had a better ocean view and was just nicer inside. It was nice to stay in the same general location since we were already familiar with it.

First day we had a slow morning then lunch at Duke’s which overlooks La Jolla Coves. Must have Hula Pie at Duke’s!

There’s a nice walking path along the coast where you can see the seals, sea lions, and nesting birds. There were tons of cormorants nesting.

We were looking for some new things to do in La Jolla and I found this GliderPort that we thought could be nice at sunset. And it was.

The sky was just amazing that night before the sunset.

Love this sea meets sky.

The next morning we checked out this gift store. You walk in the front door, down some stairs, and out through a cave. It was used by bootleggers back in the day. Pretty Cool!

Then we spent the afternoon at La Jolla Shores Beach. It’s so beautiful and flat and goes on for miles.

Um, who’s taller?

We went to dinner at a favorite from last time and we loved our own little heated cabana.

Last time we were in La Jolla, Torrey Pines State Park was not open so we spent the morning there with some short hikes.

There are all these “secret swings” in La Jolla. This one was a short hike from the Birch Aquarium parking lot. How cool is this?

Most late afternoons Don and I would leave Quinn in the condo and take a stroll down to the beach.

Sunset dinner. The wide angle lens on the phone distorts the trees.

And our last day at Windnsea Beach.

Yeah, he’s taller. We measured and he is 5’7 1/2″. So 1/2″ taller than me now.

Oceanfront chess.

And one last dinner at Duke’s before we head home in the morning. What a lovely trip.

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