Trail Mail

 I have become quite the Sled Dog/Mushing geek.  I know, weird.  I found musher Blair Braverman a couple of years ago on Twitter (@BlairBraverman) and she tells the most fascinating stories about her dogs.  She is also a published author.    Blair and her husband Quince Mountain run Braver Mountain Mushing.  

Every year, Blair and Quince offer to carry holidays cards by dog sled to their local post office.  But before they do that, they stamp and sticker each card.  They do this for free, you just cover the postage.  

Here\’s a quick, 2 minute interview with NPR and Quince talking about Trail Mail.

In addition, they have a large fan base called #uglydogs (long story).  Each year the #uglydogs exchange cards with each other.    This year I decided to go all in and participate in Trail Mail and the card exchange.  Best.Decision.Ever.

So, if you received a Christmas Card with the stamp, there\’s your explanation.  And here are the #uglydogs cards that I received.  

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