Quinn is 13!

Birthdays in 2020 are different.  Not quite as exciting.  No parties.  But the kid is turning 13 and we needed to make it special.

So we started Birthday Week on Monday with a balloon, a maple glazed doughnut, and a little gift.

Day 2 brought Quinn a Bug-a-Salt gun.  We have had a pesky fly and the Bug-a-Salt gun fires a small amount of salt at bugs and will stun them for easy removal.  Quinn was thrilled.  Of course we haven\’t had any flies in the house since.  

Growing up, my mother always made a German Chocolate Cake for our birthdays and now seemed like the time to start that tradition for Quinn.  

More balloons for the birthday boy.  13 or 31?  

October 9.  Even teenagers need morning green blankee time.  

A teenage breakfast:  Sausage Breakfast Burrito with Cholula.

Unfortunately it\’s still a school day.  Quinn has really been downplaying his birthday this year, as a teen might do, and didn\’t want the birthday balloons in the background while he zoomed.  

We discussed lots of different options to celebrate his birthday with friends, but in the end he just wanted to meet his 2 best friends for some TIFA gelato, social distanced and masked.  

The birthday boy and his best birthday gift ever!

I made mom\’s lasagna for dinner, which is Quinn\’s favorite and then it was on to gifts.  

This card from Aunt Pam & Uncle Jeff gave Quinn \”all the feelings\”.  Not sure quite what that means.  

Quinn was so happy with all of his gifts.  He didn\’t ask for much so it was hard to figure out what to give him.  

Don and I got Quinn a debit card for his birthday, which gives him some financial freedom and also teaches him financial responsibility.  We started him out with a birthday donation and then he will get a weekly allowance as long as he completes certain weekly tasks.  It\’s a great system that has lots of parental controls with an iphone app.  
Quinn was beyond thrilled because most of the things he wants are virtual purchases in video games.  Now he can make and manage those purchases.  (And our iphone app will show us everything he\’s doing.)

Cake Time!

We had all forgotten how delicious the German Chocolate Cake tasted.  Let\’s continue this tradition.  
We let Quinn stay up extra late last night and I think for the first time ever in his life, we went to bed before him and left him up late with an Alexa timer set to remind him to go to bed.
Day after birthday at 1:30 PM.  Teen Life.  

Happy 13th Birthday to a kid that is more amazing than we could have ever imagined.  

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