May Musings

Quinn loves a Tofu Scramble.  It\’s just cut up tofu sautéed in olive oil and sprinkled with Nutritional Yeast which has a cheesy flavor.  Before the lockdown I bought a bunch of the tofu that he likes and froze it.  But when you freeze it the texture changes and Q is very particular about his tofu.  He didn\’t appreciate the new texture.  So I ordered some more with my grocery order but they didn\’t have the brand that he likes and the new brand failed the Q tofu test.  When I asked him how he liked it, he said \”It wasn\’t great\”.  
Getting out after lunch and all the school work is completed.  But it\’s starting to get hot here!
I caught this grasshopper with my new zoomy lens.
Doing a virtual meeting with his Odyssey team.  They still meet every Monday during lunch.
A special delivery makes us very happy.  I got a tip from a friend that Walmart online was stocked up!

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