Daily Life in Corona Virus Times

I can\’t say that we fill our days, but our days are full.
On Mondays Quinn\’s Odyssey team usually meets during lunch at school to practice so Coach Juli continued the Monday tradition.    They used a paper plate and a pair of scissors to create something and then describe it in many different ways.  

They had so much fun.   I loved hearing them all together. 

Quinn is learning how to clean his room and his bathroom. 

Quinn\’s TKD studio has started Zoom classes.  A great way for Quinn to move his body and connect with his Masters and friends. 

A little ping pong for PE today.  Quinn tried out his Darth Maul paddles.  I still crushed him. 

And tuba tuba every day.  He breaks it into three 10 minutes sessions. 

On Thursday Quinn had his first Zoom class with his Math/Science teacher.  It was just to dip their toes in and get them going.  He has had assignments all week, although it only takes him about 1 – 2 hours of work. 

His science assignment was to visit the Smithsonian Natural History Museum via computer and write a paragraph about it.  He saw that he could do it with his virtual reality headset.  How cool is that?  We all took a turn and loved it.

With the sun setting later Don and I are able to get out for a hike after he finishes work.  Love this place. 

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