First Days of Staying at Home

Monday was already a prescheduled school holiday so today felt like the first day of the \”lockdown\”.   Quinn picked out some books to read while stuck at home.  
The Ultimate Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.  

His class read the condensed version of Odyssey in school and Quinn wanted to read the full thing.  How about a graphic novel version!

And The Iliad. 

I have a feeling we (as in me) are going to come out of this with an unneeded extra 15 pounds.  Making turtle brownies. 

Doing some reading while the brownies cook.   I might be fatter but I will also be more well read.  
A nice walkabout with Sonic before the next rainstorm.  

And lots of on-line friend time playing games.  I\’m glad they are able to stay connected this way.  I love hearing all the non-stop giggling. 

Poor guy hasn\’t been walked much because of all the rain. 

And some of our prepper food.  I hope it never gets to this but we are prepared. 

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