More Hiking

Quinn and Sonic energized for our Saturday hike!
We picked a couple of easy hikes from the challenge since Quinn was with us.  The first was about a mile to and from with lots of flowers along the way.   

The second hike was close by and also not too challenging.  

With storm heading our way there were lots of big puffy clouds in the sky. 

While Quinn was in Odyssey on Sunday Don and I picked a challenging hike.  It was 1.1 miles uphill to get to the trail but it was pretty beautiful.  

This is the point where we had already missed the trail. 

But we were treated to this vista point. 

And back on the right trail through the green meadow.  

We try and get as many hikes in as early as possible because once Odyssey ends we don\’t have the free time on Sundays and Quinn\’s not always the most willing participant. 

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