Lake Watson Arizona

Back in January I went to a Photography Workshop in Lake Watson Arizona which is in Prescott and about 2 hours north of Phoenix.  My favorite mentor, Me Ra Koh, is taking a break from travel and workshops so I went with a new group.  But I was lucky that my friend Karen, who I met in Thailand, joined in on the fun.

Karen and I flew in to Phoenix around the same time and drove up to Prescott.  After all that travel we were ready to stretch our legs and check out Lake Watson.  I did not disaapoint. 

Later that afternoon we met up with the group in the hotel conference room and ran through the plans for the weekend along with some specific shooting goals.  Then it was out to dinner.  It was a great group of ladies of mixed ages, experience, and from all over the country. 

The next morning we were out the door at 7 am for a sunrise shoot at Lake Watson.  It was only about 3 miles from our hotel in Prescott.  Although we were in Arizona it was really cold, especially waiting for the sun to rise.

Karen much prefers to shoot people over landscapes so I got a bunch of non-selfie pictures courtesy of Karen.  

As the sun crosses the horizon you can capture the starburst.  It was the ooh and aah moment.

We had a break after the sunrise and then met up at 2 pm and hiked out to this spot and spent about 4 hours that afternoon shooting and waiting for the sunset.

Here\’s Karen and I.  We had such a great time together and it was nice to have a friend along.

As soon as I saw this scene with the reflections I thought Rorschach in black and white.

We were getting a little bit bored of shooting the landscape so it was time for some people photos.  

 This reminds me a little bit of an old dutch painting.  The camera (or I) didn\’t capture how spectacular this scene really was.  That tree in the middle was so beautifully lit by the setting sun.

Sunset wasn\’t spectacular but no complaints.

That night we went to the oldest bar in Arizona.  Our instructor Colleen was quirky and fun and after seeing a bridal party do this shot she knew we could do it better!  I think we did.

Karen and I with Colleen.  I really enjoyed Colleen\’s technical expertise and would definitely do another workshop with her.

Sunday morning we were out the door at 7 am to catch the sunrise in a different spot.   It wasn\’t quite as cold this morning.

Me shooting Karen who\’s shooting people.

We had one last get together that afternoon before heading back to Phoenix.  Karen had a 6 pm flight and I spent one night in Phoenix so I could see Ross\’ new house and have dinner with Tamara and Ty.  A pretty great weekend.

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