World\’s Largest Gummy Worm

Quinn has been bugging me to buy him the World\’s Largest Gummy Worm.  I\’ve been adamantly saying NO!!!!
Then he said \”What if I give you one Yes day?\”.  A \’Yes Day\’ is a day where he would answer all my questions with a Yes and do whatever I ask.  Like go take a shower.  
One yes day wasn\’t sufficient so he offered a yes week.  And then 2 yes weeks.  I finally agreed to the World\’s Largest Gummy Worm when he offered me a Yes Month.  
He was pretty happy!

And then to confirm that we are the world\’s worst parents, this will be posted at his school all next year for the incoming 5th graders to see.    Each 5th grader picks a subject with a Right and a Responsibility.  Quinn\’s friends thought the worm was photoshopped.  I have to say it\’s pretty epic.  

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