Yosemite: Days 1 – 2

We made our first visit to Yosemite over Spring Break.  We drove up on Thursday afternoon and stayed at a hotel about an hour outside the park.    At one point on our drive we had the sun setting on one side of us and a full moon on the other.  What a beautiful sight.  

This was our second year spending Spring Break with the Conrath\’s in a beautiful California location. 

Our first stop was Mariposa Grove, home to the Giant Sequoias. 

Although it was well in to the 70\’s, there was still snow on the ground and you better believe that the kids found it. 

The Conrath\’s brought some walkie-talkies as cell reception is not very good. 

The Grizzly Giant — one of the largest trees in the world. 

Quinn jumping in front of my picture taking!

The gang in front of the tunnel tree. 

Tunnel View is a classic look at Yosemite and was quite impressive. 

This girl pulled out her drawing pad and pencil. 

 The Amy\’s. 

We were staying about 2 miles from each other in the park so we got our families settled, had some lunch, and then went on a short hike to Lower Yosemite Falls. 

The spray from the falls along with the wind would get you soaked but this kid volunteered to take my phone and get a selfie. 

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