Our April

Here are some fun things that happened around here in April.
We took advantage of a Christmas gift membership to the California Science Center, one of our favorite places.  The 3D movie that went along with this exhibit was fantastic!!

Don and Quinn created a geocache and placed it on the hiking trail behind our house.  While they were out checking on it, Quinn picked some flowers for me.  My sweet boy. 

This boy is back into his Nerf guns and he checks the front door on an hourly basis when he has a new one coming his way.  Look at that glorious hair!

It arrived!

Serious father/son discussions.  Look at those feet!

I dropped Quinn off at TKD and hiked up Tarantula Hill.  It\’s only 1 mile round trip but it\’s a 1/2 mile straight up and then 1/2 a mile back down.  But it was quite lovely. 

See all those light green/yellowish patches all over the hills in the distance?  It\’s the super bloom of flowers!!  I\’ve never seen California as beautiful as it is right now. 

Quinn loves his tofu scramble and left this clever note for his dad one night. 

 May I have a tofu scramble for breakfast.  Breathe if yes.  Recite the bibile in japanese if no.  

After 2 hours of TKD, Quinn requested In n Out.  

We had lunch at Malibu Seafood on the PCH.  The restaurant wasn\’t impacted by the fire but it came right up to the parking lot.  But the hills behind the restaurant are bright yellow. 

There is a new park in TO called Sapwi.  I love this park for it\’s sunset views and it didn\’t disappoint tonight. 

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