Sonic can be found in his usual spot during the day.  Quinn\’s bed.

Quinn\’s class studied the colonial days and as part of that he had to create a Sit Upon where he sewed together patches of fabric and stuffed it.  They use their sit upons for reading in the hallway or when going to school assemblies.  A special treat for 5th graders only. 

Saturday walks in our green hills.   Don picked up this walking stick for Quinn in a gas station on our way back from Mammoth.   Quinn calls it his Daisy Stick because there is a daisy engraved in the stick. 

While the rest of the country is blanketed in an arctic freeze, we are enjoying a California January. 

While Quinn was in Odyssey, Don and I went searching for a magnificent oak tree.  This one was pretty sweet. 

We hiked 1000 ft up and had a gorgeous view of Westlake. 

Looking towards Camarillo.

It might have been a little windy.

And that same oak tree from the other side.  I love how these trees come to life.

And a morning puzzle for this guy. 

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