Science Carnival

This was our 3rd or 4th trip to the Ventura County Science Carnival and it was absolutely the best!  There are over one hundred science tables and each with a different experiment or exhibit.  Almost all of the tables are run by high schoolers and college kids which makes it alot of fun.  And most of the experiments are hands on. 

The first stop was a classic.  Mentos in a Coke bottle. 

Take a penny and turn it silver and then gold. 

I stood in the very long cotton candy line while the guys checked out a bunch of exhibits.  Cotton candy is always a highlight of the science carnival. 

PH testing with red cabbage juice.  But the best part was adding a little piece of dry ice and making a witches brew. 

Quinn loves running on the obleek (cornstarch and water) but it wasn\’t quite hard enough this year so he just got splashed. 

This was on his to do list for the evening.   Notice the obleek all over his legs. 

A beautiful sky to end the evening.  

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