Happy Halloween!

Quinn and Sonic looking great in the morning before heading to school for the Halloween Parade!

We usually start working on Halloween costumes after Quinn\’s birthday party and this year his birthday party was later in the month than normal.  So I asked Quinn to look on line for something he liked and he thought this one was pretty cool.  It\’s the character Sora from a Disney video game.

With his buddy Scooby Doo, I mean Ryan, at school.

And Elias.

The whole class.  Quinn is on the left side peaking out behind the blue m.

The parade!  The principal starts in the kindergarden class and winds through each class collecting each grade one by one so the line gets pretty long.  I remember sitting in Quinn\’s first grade class watching all the HUGE 5th graders walking by.  How elementary school has flown by.

We went to a couple of parties before trick or treating.  There was a block party in our neighborhood so we ended up there and trick-or-treated in our neighborhood.  It\’s always a huge party and lots of fun!

Then you have to come home and sort your loot.  Quinn decided to keep 20 candies and exchange the rest of them for a new video game.  Fair trade!

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