11th Birthday Party!

Quinn had his birthday party on Friday night at The Stadium.  It\’s lazertag and lots of games.  There were about 15 kids, with 3 girls from his Odyssey team.   They started with a couple of rounds of lazertag.  
And then pizza!

And cake! 

I ordered an undecorated cake from Costco and had this cake topper printed from Etsy.  FYI, the cake topper didn\’t look great and tasted horrible.   But Quinn loved that it was a paradoxical design.  I think you need to know Terraria to understand. 

These two love the weirdness.  

And then it was 45 minutes of games.  The Stadium has fun for everyone!  And Quinn was the only party there so they had free reign over the place. 

The Birthday Boy!!!

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