Quinn is 11!

Happy 11th Birthday Quinn!

Quinn\’s birthday celebrations have been spread out over several weeks and he still has his \”big\” party this Friday.
It started with a trip to the Magic Castle with his buddy Elias.  The guys are looking handsome.  

 He had a Polar Pizza ice cream cake on his birthday and then this weekend we had Quinn\’s official birthday celebration.  We were going to take him out to dinner Saturday night to a place of his choosing but he opted for a Dodge Ball & Nerf Fight Palooza at his TKD studio.

Sunday Quinn enjoyed hanging out all day in his undies talking to Elias with his new headphone set and using his new gamers mouse.    This is Quinn\’s gaming office.  

Quinn got a monthly science box for his birthday and the guys had a great time doing all the experiments. 

For his birthday dinner Quinn basically asked for Thanksgiving dinner with lots of gravy!!

And a pumpkin pie for dessert!

Happy Birthday to the best kid ever!!

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