School Life

Each school year seems to get off to a rough start.  A little more homework that is a little bit harder.   The rule is 10 minutes of homework times the grade so 5th grade equals 50 minutes of homework.  Ugh!

Here\’s a a sample of their geography terms.  I love Quinn\’s drawings.   For island you can see that he wrote \”real island\”.  This is St. John 🙂

This year Quinn needed a 3 inch 3-ring binder and so I got him one that is in a zip up case with lots of pockets and things for staying organized.   I commented to Quinn that he is keeping his binder really neat and organized.  He sighed and said \”Mrs. Young makes me keep it neat\”.  
His teacher is great about communicating with the parents.  A letter comes home every Friday and we also receive an email summary every Friday.  

At the beginning of the year my school lunch game is pretty good.  Quinn loves these PB&J \”sushi\” roll ups.  I flatten a piece of bread with a rolling pin to make these.

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