Trip to Maryland

Quinn and I had a great visit back to Maryland in early August.

The day we arrived we had a surprise visit from my father\’s first cousin Robert and his wife Doreen from Nova Scotia.  We all love Robert and family and they literally drove down from Canada for an afternoon visit with my mom.  I was happy we arrived just in time to see them.   

Fun nature walk with Pam and Ben.

 Quinn going with the socks and flip flops look. 

Quinn was super excited to be able to see and catch fireflies as we don\’t have them in Cali.  We didn\’t find as many as normal but Quinn did catch one to bring in and show Grams. 

No trip to Maryland would be complete without a crab feast.  And we only had to walk a couple doors up to Sandy\’s house.  Alex was there to help his grandmother. 

Let the feast begin!

A beautiful sight for this Maryland girl.

I love spending time with my sister!

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