STJ: Top 10

We went to STJ this year knowing it would be different and we also wanted to have some new island experiences.  It was different but it was also the same STJ that we love. 

One thing that made this visit even better was that Quinn was having so much fun and kept saying how much he loved STJ.  I think it\’s in his blood now.

Quinn\’s Top 10 Vacation Moments:

1 — Scuba Diving — in fact Quinn wants to get his scuba certification.

(the remaining 9 in no particular order)

2 — Cannonball off of Island Roots Boat

3 — Creating Fishville

4 — Columbo\’s Smoothie (made by 5th grade Science Teacher) — no free rum for Q

5 — Pizza Pi Boat

6 — Hat Overboard on Bad Kitty

7 — Killing Lion Fish

8 — Capture the Flag with Dad in pool/Family Pool Time

9 — Skipping Stones at Maho

10 — Seeing turtles

And my favorite picture from the week:

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