STJ: Day 4

Don ranks this is as one of our best days spent on St. John and I have to agree that it was a pretty amazing day.

Today Quinn had his first scuba dive and he LOVED it!  We went with a local company that we have known for years that offers a Discovery Scuba Dive for anyone over the age of 10.  And it was a great refresher for us after not diving for 10+ years.

We watched a short video and then Quinn had to take an easy 10 question test.  Then it was out to the boat.  We had a dive guide whose only job was to take care of Quinn.

On our first dive we went to Caneel Bay and dove in about 10 feet of water.  It was a great place for Quinn to get his feet wet.

Then we cruised out to an island off of St. John called Lovango Cay.  We dove down to about 35 feet.  It was pretty spectacular and Quinn did amazing.

I try to keep the videos pretty short but this one is about 5 minutes because there was so much goodness I wanted to include. 

4 day stj 2018 from amy white on Vimeo.

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