Second Degree Red Belt

Quinn took a big long break from TKD while he was neck deep in Odyssey and missed a testing period.  But he got back in to it and worked hard to earn his Second Degree Red Belt. 

After the kids were presented with their belts it was time to do their best move.  Matrix time for Quinn.

Then Quinn got a big surprise and was named Most Improved Student and was presented with a trophy.  Master Stolsig and Quinn did a little matrix thing with the trophy but since we were surprised I wasn\’t able to capture it.

Lucky for us they were willing to re-enact the scene.

TKD Matrix from amy white on Vimeo.

Quinn\’s next belt will be 3rd Degree Red and then…..BLACK!    He has alot of work ahead of him.  His goal is to test for his black belt in May 2019. 

So proud of this kid!

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