Weekend Wrap-Up

One of Quinn\’s 4th grade goals was to learn how to make chocolate chip pancakes.  We have made them a handful of times over the year but he has never made them by himself.  And Thursday is the last day of school.
So mom supervised while he did the work.  

After breakfast we met his buddy Dan for some archery. 

Then Quinn went to a sleepover birthday party so Don and I went out and played!  First stop in Hollywood, some caffeine to make it through the night.  Trying to look SoCal casual.  Fake it \’til you make it!

Dinner at The Hungry Cat.  We started with this seafood platter.  It was so very good! 

We had planned to catch the sunset at the Griffith Observatory which sits above Hollywood.  However, the line of traffic to get there was unbelievable.  We felt pretty lucky just to get a parking spot.  
As we got out of the car there was a little bit of orange left in the sky so I quickly snapped a pic.  

A view looking towards the observatory with a line of cars waiting to get in and LA in the background. 

I love our ghostly selves in this one.  Long exposure and movement. 

And a look out over downtown LA.

Sunday morning Quinn got home around 10 am but was off again with another friend at noon.  So Don and I took the opportunity to go on a hike in Malibu.  

The hiking paths were overrun with these mustard flowers.  It was quite beautiful. 

A glimpse of the ocean. 

Point Dume in Malibu. 

I propped the phone up with a rock and set the timer.   It was a great hike but it was much warmer than we anticipated.  We jumped in the pool as soon as we got home. 

And what was Quinn doing?  He went to a children\’s film festival in downtown LA with a buddy.  He saw a series of short films from around the world.  He thought some were pretty great and some were duds.  Photo courtesy of my friend. 

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