It\’s Robot Fighting Time

Our family loves BattleBots.    It\’s a show with fighting robots and it\’s so much fun. 

Last season the show was filmed in Las Vegas which is close enough for us.  So I\’ve had my eye out for tickets for the new season.  And lucky us, they filmed the 2018 season in Long Beach.    We got our tickets and invited the Conrath\’s to go with us. 

They were very strict about no pictures but I discreetly snapped a couple.  There are 2 commentators on the show and we are in the background of all of their shots so we will make it on TV. 

The arena where the battles take place.   We saw some pretty destructive battles with flames, sparks, fires, and metal flying everywhere. 

Here\’s the video for the new season.  We had so much fun at the filming of the show and can\’t wait to watch the new season. 

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