Week with Danielle

I was so happy that Danielle was able to get to visit without the boys.  It gave us a chance to have some nice girl time.
We started the week with a couple of nights in Laguna Beach.  I love this hotel right on the water.  So peaceful.  

A walk down the beach before dinner.  Lots of selfies in this post 🙂

Not a bad view waiting for dinner sipping on a glass of wine.  

A view down the beach the next morning.  Love this place!

Danielle\’s brother, wife, and 2 year old daughter live in San Diego so they drove up and spent the night.  It was great to spend some time with them.   And Ava is the cutest little thing. 

An iconic spot in Laguna.

Before we left Monday morning the dolphins spent some time feeding right in front of the hotel. 

Dolphins in Laguna from amy white on Vimeo.

One last pic before we leave.  

Tuesday we went downtown LA to The Broad museum.  It\’s such a fun place.  

There is a really cool art exhibit called Infinity of Lights (or something like that) which you sign up for a timed entry.  Then you enter this room and get a very cool infinity of lights show for 45 seconds.  It\’s just enough to leave you wanting more. 

On Wednesday we took it easy.  We made some green smoothies and then floated in the 90 degree pool.  Ahhhh!

Before dinner we took a walk up the fire road as the sun was setting. 

Danielle wanted one more beach day so we went down to Malibu, with our first stop Malibu Seafood.  

It was pretty cloudy and cool so we decided to go to Malibu Country Mart.  It sounds very country-ish but it\’s full of high end stores selling size zero clothes.  As we walked by a men\’s store Danielle thought she saw someone from the show Grey\’s Anatomy.  And sure enough it was McDreamy.  And he looked pretty dreamy.  It made our day.

The clouds started to burn off so we went down to the beach and of course one more selfie.  What a great week!

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