Quinn\’s Weekend

Quinn had a pretty great weekend.
He asked if his friend Dan could sleep over on Friday night because they wanted to build an elaborate trap to catch a leprechaun.  How could we resist that request?
One thing that is so awesome about this age is that they want to do everything themselves.  They wanted to get the air mattress out of the garage, carry it upstairs (it\’s really heavy), and get it set up.  Again, how could I resist that request.

It was make your own pizza for dinner. 

And then out to the garage to work on the leprechaun trap.  They have had alot of practice in Odyssey using saws, box cutters, and hot glue guns that they were able to work very independently. 

The final product.  Unfortunately the leprechaun chewed his way out of the trap. 

The next morning. 

Pancakes with whipped cream. 

Dan went home and we went on a family hike.  And then we picked up Hayden and took him to dinner with us.

Everyone zonked out. 

The next morning reading and playing games in bed.    It was a pretty great weekend for our guy!  And both overnight guests were lots of fun to have around. 

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