The other day when I picked Quinn up from school he said \”I am so stressed that I could murder a pillow!\”. 

Honestly he seemed just fine so I wasn\’t too worried.  It turns out several girls were stretching the rules in a game in PE that was making it no fun for everyone else.   4th grade stress. 

Quinn said when he is stressed he doesn\’t like to say bad things to kids but will instead beat up on a pillow.   On our way home from school he started talking about Charles Darwin and how when Darwin was stressed he would like to go on a walk by himself and think.  He called them Sandwalks. 

So when Quinn got home he went on a Sandwalk around the cul de sac and down to the fire road. 

He felt much better when he got home.  Our kid emulating Charles Darwin.   Not a bad choice Quinn. 

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