First Band Concert

Quinn has been participating in the band for 4 months and he loves it.  Today the band had their first concert!
On the way to school Quinn said \”We all have an important part to play in the band but as a group we shine\”.  I love it.  
The band performed for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders at an assembly as a little warm up.  

I recorded a couple of songs during the day.  This was the last song they played — \”Go Big Blue!\”. 

Go Big Blue from amy white on Vimeo.

For the evening performance they had to wear black pants, white shirt, and tie optional.  Quinn has never worn a tie so we thought it would be a good time to wear one.  Orange — our family color!  
Look at this handsomeness!

The band director highlighted each group.  Love the sax players raising their instruments!  Quinn claims to have started this trend. 

The big finale!

The band director Ms. Janine.   She is so fun and full of energy with the kids.  And she had some great advice to stick with your band friends as you go through middle and high school.  Some of your friends will change but your bandmates will be there for you. 

I\’m sure this was the first of many.  Quinn is really enthusiastic about his sax and the band so we will continue to encourage and support him. 

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