In Other Quinn News

While we were away, we had our contractor put up this Nerf pegboard wall and hammock chair in our new cubby area where the stairs used to be.   Quinn is Nerf crazy these days and it\’s great to have a place to put all his guns.   It makes us a little squeamish to have a gun wall in our house but it\’s just Nerf guns. 

And the kid loves this space.  Toys are being moved out and around to clear it out for him. 

Another day…
You may not remember that one of Quinn\’s goals for 4th grade was to learn how to make pancakes.   Well 2018 is the year because this is the first of about 5 batches of pancakes he has made recently.  Chocolate Chip Pancakes for the win!

Adding one last Hess Truck to his collection . This is the last year he will get a Hess truck for Christmas from Aunt Pam. 

Back to school and back to homework.  Ugh!

Some homework help from Sonic.  

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