Happy Thanksgiving!

Our kitchen was put back together just in time for me to destroy it with a big Thanksgiving dinner.   It\’s just the three of us this year, but we still go all out.
Normally we go for a long hike on Thanksgiving, but this year it is over 90 degrees.  But around 4 pm it started to cool down so we took Sonic out for a walk.

I might be a little bit obsessed with lens flare and sunbursts…as you will see.


 Limbo under the gate.

One of my favorite family pictures is this one on Thanksgiving in 2007 at our Moorpark home.  Quinn was about 6 weeks old and had his first real smile that morning.  We put Quinn in the Baby Bjorn and took Smitty and Darwin out for a walk.  Quinn hated the sun in his eyes and was screaming his head off.  Grams was visiting and took this picture of us. 

Ten years later I thought it would be fun to recreate that picture in our TO home and another yellow lab. 

It was warm enough that we could eat outside.  Not the greatest picture but that\’s ok. 

Last year Quinn discovered the joys of gravy.  So he was really looking forward to turkey and gravy. 

After dinner we had a quick clean up and then we jumped in to the pool for a family swim.  Happy Thanksgiving California Style!

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