ATA: Day 10 The Beach

Day 10
Nov 8
Our last full day in Thailand.  Boo Hoo!
Most of our meals were at the FlameTree Restaurant right on the beach.  Breakfast usually consisted of an iced coffee, a coconut shake, and a banana roti.  

This was the house that 4 of us stayed in.  Karen & Rick had the main bedroom and Sue and I each had our own bedroom.  Sue\’s bedroom in the back right and mine in the back left.  

A view towards the front of the house from my bedroom.

Shoes off and rinse your feet.  

In the jungle but only steps from the beach.

Morning shooting lesson with MeRa.

Longboat love.  

This is how stuff gets on the island.  One load at a time.

We had our afternoon free so I floated in the sea with some of the gang.

Around 3 pm we hiked over to another beach for time lapse photography.   I need to get some software to put the time lapse together but will share these in the meantime.  This beach has food boats.  Coconut Shakes!

As the sun went down we positioned ourselves for the sunset and some long exposure photography.  Here\’s our crew shooting Brian in the water.

And MeRa doing what she does best. 

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