ATA: Day 7 Khoa Sok National Park

Day 7
Nov 5

We had a 4:15 am wake up call this morning so that we could catch a 7 am flight to Surat Thani airport in Southern Thailand.  We were going somewhere special today. 

From the airport we took a van and made a snack stop at the 7-11 (which are everywhere in Thailand) because we were going to a very remote area.  The snack choices were really interesting and we loved trying different flavors of chips.  These, not so great. 

Next was an hour long ride on a longboat to our destination.  It might have been a little bit fun (and wet).  Notice Parker curled up in the life jacket. 

Brian and MeRa.

This huge lake was surrounded by limestone cliffs and rain forests.  It was very Jurassic Park. 

Our destination.  Floating bungalows.  This was one of my favorite places on the trip because it was so remote and different than any place I had ever been. 

The longboat is the preferred mode of water transportation in Thailand and this was our first of many longboat rides.  

My bungalow is the last one on the right. 

Home sweet home.  Pretty basic but all we needed. 

Sue and I went for a swim.  The water was warm and clear and so clean. 

Teresa and Parker.  They kayaked around the corner and spotted some monkeys in the trees. 

Rick & Karen.  When they returned from kayaking, Karen suggested that I go out with Rick.  They are so warm and kind and very funny….and he is a southern gentleman.  

So Rick & I went off kayaking with Brian and MeRa. 

Another \”hotel\” on the lake. 

Brian suggested we check out this waterfall in the back of this inlet.  At this point Rick had been rowing for quite some time.  But we kept going. 

Just breathtaking.  You can see the tiny red roof of our bungalows on the right side. 

The gang:  Teresa, Nick, Brian, Me, Karen, Sue and Rick.  I had taken my little underwater camera and MeRa captured this pic from the water.  
That night we looked through some of our favorite pictures and it was fun to see everyone elses pictures.  We were so very tired but Brian suggested that we do some long exposure photography.  How could we resist.
We set up our tripods and went to work.  It was tricky because the dock was floating even the smallest movement would blur a photo.   But the long exposure made the lake and smooth as glass.  We were having so much fun that we stayed out until our batteries started to die.  

My black/white of the mountains reminded me of a rorschach test.   Squint and look at it and what do you see? 

My favorite of the evening.  (The one below is the same shot in the morning.)

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