ATA: Days 1 – 2 Bangkok

Amy\’s Thai Adventure (ATA) begins.

Thailand has been on my bucket list. I\’ve always wanted to return to the country where I was born.

In May a message popped up in my Facebook feed that one of my favorite photographers was planning a 9 day photography trip to Thailand.  The seed was planted and it grew and grew until I  made it happen.

Don encouraged me to go and I was able to find someone who would be Quinn\’s \”pseudo-mom\” while I was gone.  So off I went, feeling nervous and apprehensive and very excited.

After 20 hours of travel and a 14 hour time change, I arrived in my birth city Bangkok.  I had already connected with another woman, Sue,  who was traveling solo and we met up at the hotel in Bangkok.

As we waited for our rooms, these two ladies were in the hotel lobby.  It was quite a beautiful image. 

This bed was calling my name but instead my pal Sue and I went out for sunshine and a venti Starbucks. 

Our hotel was close to several markets and malls.  The King of Thailand died about a year ago and he was just cremated several days before I arrived.  There were tributes and offerings everywhere to the much loved King. 

Some unique choices at Starbucks in Bangkok. 

One mall was loaded with shops with lots and lots of inexpensive stuff.  Check out this shoe store. 

The Kings favorite color was yellow, he loved marigolds, and he was born in the year of the Rabbit (like me).   So this is quite a tribute to him. 

After a long day, Sue and I had dinner at our hotel and made it an early night.

Day 2

The hotel was in the middle of the city but had a serene pool and garden that was perfect for breakfast.  I was pleased to see mangos and sticky rice on the breakfast buffet. 

The official tour does not start until tomorrow but several of us arrived a day or two early to spend some time in Bangkok.  There were 6 of us that joined a 1/2 day tour of Bangkok.  Off to the Wats!

Here is the Golden Buddha in Wat Tramit.  It is over 700 years old.  At some point it was covered in plaster to hide that it was made of solid gold.  It wasn\’t until the 1950\’s when it was being moved that it was discovered that it is solid gold and worth $250 million dollars. 

The beautiful walls are hand painted. 

Our crew…Nick and his son Baylor, Rick & Karen, and Sue and I. 

Nothing like traveling with photographers to get yourself in the picture.  I\’m with my tribe!

Next we went to Wat Pho which is one of the largest temple in Thailand. 

The reclining buddha.  It was so impressively large and beautiful. 

Buddhas buddhas everywhere. 

After our tour Sue and I went off to find some lunch and I got this SO delicious dim sum plate. 

You can\’t visit Bangkok without taking a tuk-tuk ride.   Let\’s just say it was death defying.  It made NYC look like a bunch of pansies. 

There really are no rules and lanes are just a suggestion.  However the drivers are really courteous to each other as they are inches away from each other.  And there is very little honking.  Thai people are just nice to each other.

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