I\’ve done the smoothie thing and the juice thing and I never really liked them.  Mainly because I was starving an hour later.

But I recently started making morning smoothie breakfasts that include protein, fat, fiber, and greens….and very little fruit.  Because of the fat and fiber, they keep you full until lunch.

The other day Don was expressing concern that Quinn doesn\’t eat enough breakfast before school so I decided to try morning smoothies.  Quinn thought it was a great idea and he loves them!

Here he is have a Blueberry Smoothie with blueberries, vanilla cinnamon protein powder, chia seeds, almond butter, cashew milk, and ZUCCHINI!

I told Quinn that we need to add veggies to each smoothie but that he wouldn\’t be able to taste the veggies.  And he agrees.  I\’m going to start experimenting with the veggies to see if I can get him to expand his repertoire.  Frozen cauliflower and spinach next.

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