Solar Eclipse

We were part of the solar eclipse craziness.  I was running around on Sunday buying glasses off another mom from Facebook.  But it was all worth it!

There was an event at a local national park that turned out to be quite popular.  We had to park about 1 mile away but it was a beautiful day.  We went with one of Quinn\’s friends, his brother, and mom.

There was a board that said something like \”How would you feel about the eclipse if you lived 1000 years ago?\”.  This was Quinn\’s response.

Putting the glasses to work.

You might have read on Facebook that our local NPR station, KCLU, was there reporting on a story.  Here\’s a little video of the interview with Lance Orozco from NPR.

Solar Eclipse with NPR from Amy white on Vimeo.

And here is the full story from NPR.  Quinn can be heard around minute 3:05.  Click HERE.  
It was a great location to watch the eclipse with so much positive energy.  People were sharing glasses and chatting with each other.  A fun event. 

After the eclipse my friend suggested we check out this indoor game store.  We ran across this poor fellow on the way there.

It was a fun filled afternoon of all the game you can play.  The boys had a great time and I was able to put together a 300 piece puzzle before we left.  

A memorable day!

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