Toll-White Family Reunion

We spent Wendesday night in Portland and then picked up Corky & Meg Thursday afternoon and drove to Sunriver, which was about 4 hours.  
The kid has arrived.  
We had a hammock at the house and Quinn was a big fan.  

On Friday Quinn and Don gave the tandem bike a spin.   There were about 10 bikes in the garage so lots to choose from.

Cousins Casey and Curt.  

On Friday night we hosted dinner at the house where a handful of us were staying.   The house had a lovely outdoor deck perfect for a family gathering.

Twink and Curt.

Sister in Laws, Judy and Meg.

Quinn loving the hammock.

The newest member of the Toll family is baby Barron.  He might have gotten a little bit of attention.

Twink, Barron, and Emily (Barron\’s great grandma).

Corky and Pete.

Lovely ladies Judy, Meg, Betsy, Emily, and Ashley.

The cousins Pete, Betsy, Curt, Twink, Corky, and Casey.

The families rented 3 houses which were all within walking distance.  Here we are on our way to Saturday\’s shindig.

I\’m sure there is some significance to the purple shirts.    Corky and Casey.

Quinn and Barron.  

Family picture.

That\’s more like it!

 Another fun family reunion in the books!  Now it\’s time to start planning the next one.

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