A Country Fair with Ocean Air

We took the kids to the Ventura County Fair where the motto is \”A Country Fair with Ocean Air\”.   It was 90+ degrees in Thousand Oaks so it was nice to enjoy the cool ocean fair air.

Quinn\’s Aussie buddy, Nate, challenged Quinn to keep on any wristbands that he gets for as long as possible.  Today was writstband day at the fair so Quinn is up to 3 wristbands with the added temporary Arrowhead Water wrapper.

The gang of 5.  Hayden\’s sister (far left) and her friends love Quinn and they call him Quann.   A really nice group of kids.  

Quinn in the green lane and Hayden up front.

Quinn in the green lane again.

Quann and the girls.  

The last thing we do before leaving the fair is play the very expensive games.  They each won a crappy prize on this game and were pretty pleased.

Another great summer day.

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