Kitchen Demo!

Our kitchen demo has been a long time coming.  I think we started the process back in January.  At times I was dragging my feet because I just wasn\’t ready.  Once I was ready, our contractor fell off a ladder and was seriously injured so that set up back a couple of months.  
The time has come that we are ready and our contractor has recovered and we are ready to go.
Quinn wanted to earn some extra money doing chores so this kid emptied the pantry and all the lower cabinets for me.  My 50 year old knees appreciated this very much.  Win-Win!
Our empty kitchen ready to be destroyed.  

And our make shift kitchen in the dining room.

Our kitchen after Demo Day 1.

Our kitchen after Demo Day 2.   These guys were the cleanest working guys ever.  Our kitchen has never been cleaner!!  It\’s hard to tell from the picture, but the space feels so much bigger.

Our contractor built a temporary wall around the kitchen to contain the dust.  The workers also enter through the back door right into the kitchen which is great.  And we have a zipper to enter the kitchen if we want.

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