Fireworks, TKD, and the Theater!

We had friends over for dinner on the 4th of July and then we all went to the Westlake Village fireworks.   A friend had told me about a good spot to watch the fireworks without too many people.  It turned out to be a great place and we also ran in to her there.  
Here is our view when we arrived.   The brights lights are where the main activities were happening.  

My unintentional out of focus shot but i liked it.   The show was good and we were home in 15 minutes.

Now that Quinn is a blue belt, he has moved up a class level with blue belts and red belts.  Some of these kids are training for black belt.   This higher level really pushes Quinn but he did great.  

We\’ve wanted to see The Book of Mormon since we were in NJ and it was playing in NYC.  And Saturday was our day!! We dropped Quinn off at a friend\’s house FOR THE NIGHT 🙂 and we went off to the show.

It was really a brilliant show and absolutely hilarious and very offensive.   And we loved it!   The cast was so talented.  It was a great day followed by a nice dinner and some floating in the pool.

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